By  Ronan J. O’Shea

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22 OCTOBER 2018

… My hike around the Dingle Way ( begins with a relatively gentle ascent up a mountain from Annascaul Lake. Storm Ali has turned the usually trickling stream that runs into the lake into a gushing waterfall, and sheep trot along the mountainside as I hop gracelessly from stone to stone, trying to find firm ground on which to walk. From atop a large hill, I look down the valley at the lake below, still gorgeous in spite of the drizzling mid-afternoon rain.


The weather here is more volatile than the President’s Twitter account, but the sunshine presents itself later, down by Ventry Bay, where horse riders trot past beneath a blue sky pockmarked with fluffy clouds, the air fresh and salty as we walk alongside an unusually gentle Atlantic. Wandering off-road and onto marked hiking trails, we make our way into the mountain path, in the direction of Slea Head…

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